How it works

Our 3D clothing configurator is much more than a visualisation tool. It speeds up and automates the whole flow from configuration to quote generation up to production.

The configurator will also increase sales and satisfaction among your team, partners and clients.

1. Online configuration

Your potential customer and your salesteam can easily create visually appealing configurations. The configurator easily guides them through the process, step by step.

They can add their own text, images or play with complex patterns and colours. Every design choice is immediately visualised in real-time, giving your customer the opportunity to figure out their preferences and see exactly what the product would look like.

2. Generate a quote

The customer leaves their personal contact information and lets the configurator generate a quote. The quote is immediately emailed to them and includes all their design choices, the price and a unique code that’s linked to their configuration.

This is a win-win situation. Your potential client is pleased with a quick and accurate quote. And you’re pleased, you can use your time more efficiently and focus on the complex projects that present themselves instead of spending your time designing simple projects.

3. Finish up the purchase online or in-store

The potential client can purchase the clothing online. This process is just like a regular webshop experience, closing the sale online. Providing you with a full payment before you’ve even started production.  

Potential clients that are not easily convinced can visit your store and bring the quote they’ve already generated. You can use the unique quote ID to open the configuration, finetune the design and close the deal.

4. Connect with production

The clothing configurator can be integrated with production software, ERP and CRM systems. When a customer places an order, the configurator automatically generates files that can be imported in the production software.

After a final check the clothing can be produced! Reducing the amount of work dramatically and minimizing errors.

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